PinPad Advertising

An estimated 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself*

*source: Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAPI)


Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising happens at the critical point where products, consumers and the money to purchase the products all meet at the same time.

EFTads uses your existing customer-facing payment devices to display targeted, relevant advertising to the consumer. The EFTads Content Management System allows retailers to customize and schedule their advertising content in real-time, allowing display of up-to-the-minute promotions to maximize sales.

Designed for easy integration into your existing PinPad software applications by EFT Solutions Ltd, leaders in cross-platform payment software, with over 2 decades of experience spanning all major payment terminal manufacturers.

EFTads Player

Supported Devices

  • Verifone P400plus, V240m, V400, Carbon, vx820, vx680, vx690, E355.
  • Ingenico iPP350, iCT250, iWL250.
  • Pax S300, S800, S900.
  • Pax A920 Android.

Screen Layout Options

  • Multiple screen zones, each independently configurable.
  • Media types supported include: cycling video and still images, ticker messages, QR codes.

Easy Integration

  • Easy integration into new or existing applications.
  • Published API written in C.
  • Fully documented and supported.

Interactive/Dynamic Options

  • Interactive ads, e.g. “touch screen for more information”, with customer mobile phone number entry.
  • Customer-specific targeted ads, with integration into customer intelligence module.
  • Dynamic ads content, e.g. QR code with generated single-use promo code.

Media Specifications

  • Resolution – up to ‘full screen’ native resolution of device, typically QVGA (320×240), landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Video Format – MPEG2 at up to 25 frames per second.
  • Image Format – .PNG, up to 32bpp colour, with alpha-channel support.
  • QR code model 2, ISO/IEC 18004. Up to 4000 characters. Capable of displaying a URL including custom arguments for scanning by a smartphone (scan picture above for an example).
  • Ticker Message Format – utf-8 encoded text with multi-language support. RSS feed option.

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS Management Options

  • Managed Service (“Software as a Service” or “Cloud-based”).
  • Self-Hosted (manage your own servers).
  • Bespoke Integration to your existing CMS.

Scheduling Options

  • For each advert, you can specify Start/End Dates, Time of Day, Day(s) of Week, Day(s) of Month to play the advert.
  • Target adverts by keywords, e.g. by geographic area, store type.
  • Grouping of devices allows easier block management of content.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Simple browser-based interface, no client software required.
  • Tiered Security – different levels of user allow different permissions to schedule and manage content.
  • Media management – Add, Remove and preview Adverts.

Live Updates

  • Constant connection model allows real-time updates to media and scheduling information.
At a Glance
  • Generate additional revenue streams from advertising
  • Perfectly located at the Point-of-Sale to catch customer attention
  • Unleash the full potential of your PinPad estates
  • Easy integration to existing PinPad software
  • Multiple platforms supported

The EFTads specifications are available under NDA. For more information, contact us