EFTPay is our POS interfaced multi-platform software product.

Designed for maximum flexibility, speed, and ease of use.

Available on Verifone, Pax, and Ingenico.

What is EFTPAY?

EFTPay is an POS interfaced multi-platform software product that provides an easy path for system integrators to add secure contactless device (card/phone), contact EMV card, and magnetic stripe card  processing to Point-of-Sale systems. Secure end-to end encryption of sensitive card data is supported using PKI and other industry-standard cryptography methods, removing the store POS system from the scope of costly PCI-DSS certifications.


PCI-DSS compliant End-to-End Encryption of Sensitive Data:

EFTPay uses strong security, based on industry-proven PCI-DSS compliant cryptography methods to encrypt sensitive cardholder data, taking the POS system out of the scope of costly PCI-DSS certifications.


EFTPay is built on EFT Solution’s unique Manufacturer Abstraction Layer (MAL) providing a true ‘plug-and-play’ standard interface to allow easy swapping between VeriFone, Ingenico and other manufacturers payment devices.

No Clip Fees

EFT Solutions do not charge a per-transaction ‘clip’ fee per transaction for EFTPay customers.

High Performance

EFTPay has been design from the ground up, fine-tuned and optimized to minimize transaction times.

On-Board Certified Level-2 EMV Kernel

An EMV Level-2 Kernel running on the payment terminal ensures sensitive cardholder data is not exposed to the Point-of-Sale, taking the POS outside the scope of PCI-DSS.

Easy Integration to Point-of-Sale System

Extensive integration documentation is provided, along with integration library source code in C, C++, C# and Java.


EFTPay can operate in Retail, Hospitality (Pay at Table), Unattended and Petroleum modes of operation.

Cards Supported

Built-in support for Contactless Phones and Cards, Contact (inserted) EMV cards, Magnetic Stripe cards, plus both Chip and Magnetic Stripe loyalty cards.

Colour and Touchscreen Support

EFTPay runs on the latest-generation terminals, and has a customisable (‘skinnable’) user interface layer, allowing easy creation of stunning user interfaces, including touch-screen buttons and dynamic signal/battery status icons.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

EFTPay uses securely signed XML configuration files to hold multi-lingual prompt and currency settings, allowing run-time language and currency selection and display of screens containing more than one language at the same time.

  • Tired of paying transaction clip fees?
  • Updating your estate to the latest generation devices?
  • Need to add contactless phone and card support to your fleet?
  • Don’t want to be tied to a single POS terminal vendor?

.. then EFTPay may be for you!

The EFTPay specifications are available under NDA. For more information, contact us