EFTTrans is our premium payment software application.

Designed to be secure, flexible, portable, and fast.

It comes with the following great features:

What exactly is EFTTrans?

EFTTrans is a full payment application, designed to run on Point-of-Sale payment terminal devices from the leading hardware vendors in the industry.

See below for a full list of features.


EFTTrans is built on EFT Solution’s unique Manufacturer Abstraction Layer (MAL) providing a true ‘plug-and-play’ standard interface to allow easy swapping between VeriFone, Ingenico, Pax and other manufacturers payment devices.

Current Supported Terminals:

  • Verifone Engage series – P400plus, V240m, V400m, Carbon
  • Verifone eVo series – vx520, vx675, vx680, vx690, vx820, E355
  • Ingenico Telium 2 – iCT220, iCT250, iPP350, iWL258
  • Pax Prolin – S300, S800, S900
  • Other legacy/previous models also supported, and we’re always working on new models – watch this space, or contact us!

Operation modes

EFTTrans can operate in either:

  • Standalone (non-interfaced), or
  • POS interfaced – Retail (Pay at Counter)
  • POS interfaced – Hospitality (Pay at Table)

POS interfaced modes use a simple but powerful protocol to interface to a Point-of-Sale system over serial or TCP/IP

Acquirer protocols

  • ISO8583 and variants – e.g. AS2805, Paymark, TermApp.ISO

On-board application logic

EFTTrans contains application logic modes for: card and transaction checks, card entry mode specific processing, acquirer protocols for online authorisation and/or clearing, user interface, security, database, offline authorisation processing, cardholder verification methods, and more.

XML configuration files

EFTTrans uses human-readable, structured XML configuration files for easy configuration of card tables, emv, contactless, security options and more.

TMS options

EFTTrans is not tied down to a single TMS system. It can piggyback off a customer’s existing TMS, or use off-the-shelf systems such as VeriFone’s Vericentre. We can also create custom interfaces to other systems easily.

PCI P2PE compliant End-to-End Encryption of Sensitive Data

EFTTrans uses strong security, based on industry-proven PCI-DSS compliant cryptography methods to encrypt sensitive cardholder data, taking the POS system out of the scope of costly PCI-DSS certifications.

EFTTrans has passed PCI P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) accreditation.

No Clip Fees

EFT Solutions do not charge a per-transaction ‘clip’ fee per transaction.

On-Board Certified Level-2 EMV Kernel

An EMV Level-2 Kernel running on the payment terminal ensures sensitive cardholder data is not exposed to the Point-of-Sale, taking the POS outside the scope of PCI-DSS

Easy Integration to Point-of-Sale System

Extensive integration documentation is provided, along with integration library source code in C, C++, C# and Java


EFTTrans can operate in Retail, Hospitality, Unattended and Petroleum modes of operation.

Cards Supported

Built-in support for

  • Contactless cards
  • Contactless Mobile devices
  • Contact (insert) EMV cards
  • Magnetic Stripe cards
  • Contactless, Chip and Magnetic Stripe-based loyalty cards

Colour and Touchscreen Support

EFTTrans runs on the latest-generation terminals, and has a customisable (‘skinnable’) user interface layer, allowing easy creation of stunning user interfaces, including touch-screen buttons and dynamic signal/battery status icons.

Multi-Language Support

EFTTrans uses securely signed XML configuration files to hold multi-lingual prompt files, allowing run-time language selection and mixed display of English and other languages at the same time.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Support (via external currency server) to present user with option to pay in either the local or cardholder’s home currency at transaction time.

Value-Added Application Mode

Simple API provided to allow Value-Added Applications (VAA’s) residing on the same device to initiate payment transactions, and return transaction results.

At a Glance
  • Runs across multiple hardware vendors devices
  • Latest devices
  • No clip fees
  • Proven track record, with 25,000+ devices installed in the UK and Australia, including tier 1 retail stores, hospitality chains and gaming venues

The EFTTrans specifications are available under NDA. For more information, contact us